2016 Year in Review on the Blog

2016 year in review.jpg2016 is coming to an end, but before it does, let's take a look at what happened here on the Giving Birth with Confidence blog from Lamaze. I'll share with you the most popular posts according to the number of views, my personal favorite posts, and the top 10 search terms. 


Most Popular Posts from 2016

Think You Can't Eat or Drink in Labor? Think Again!

This was the all-time top viewed post in 2016! It debuts one of our many infographics released this year -- this one is all about eating and drinking during labor. Even though many hospitals restrict eating and drinking during labor, the evidence shows it's safe to eat and in fact, helpful to maintain energy for labor and birth! Check out our follow up article to this piece: "Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink During Labor.

Six Tips for Gentle But Effective Hospital Negotiations

This article, originally released in 2011 and written by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and active Lamaze member Jessica English, continues to be very popular on the blog! The advice is timeless and, as the title suggests, effective. Click on over to discover the six simple, action-oriented tips for getting your needs met during birth in a hospital. A good companion piece to this is "5 Questions to Ask at the Hospital During Birth."

Labor Day: Your Step by Step Guide to Birth

The popularity of this post goes to show that people simply want to know what to expect and how to cope during labor and birth. In this piece, you'll learn "what's happening" and "what helps" with each stage and phase of labor from childbirth educator, professor, past Lamaze President, and co-author of The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence, Judith Lothian, RN, PhD, LCCE, FACCE. This article pairs perfectly with the Lamaze resource guide "The Pros and Cons of 11 Common Labor Positions."

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

In addition to wanting to know what to expect in labor, people want to know what's happening in their pregnancy right now. Lamaze offers a free weekly email that details what's going on in each week of pregnancy. We also provide a shortened version of the email guide on our blog, where you can go directly to the week you're in or skip ahead to learn what 38 weeks really feels like! You can also learn about weekly pregnancy updates through our Great Expectations series, in which we follow parents in real life throughout their pregnancy. Right now, we're following Elizabeth, her husband Carson, and their baby girl, who is expected to make an appearance sometime next month! 


My Personal Favorite Posts from 2016

The Evolving Pregnancy and Postpartum Relationship - Normal or Not?

A guest post from the renowned "Bringing Baby Home" program by The Gottman Institute that discusses role changes and typical areas of conflict after having a baby. A must-read for any couple entering into parenthood!

Consumer Reports' New C-section Ratings Help Parents Choose the Right Hospital

This year we partnered with Consumer Reports to bring you breaking news of their c-section ratings release. Since we also learned that your choice of birth place may be the biggest influencing factor in whether you have a c-section, the information from Consumer Reports helps parents make an informed choice.  

What Surprised You Most About Cesarean: Women Share Their Stories

In this compilation of stories, women shared their thoughts, reactions, and emotions with first-hand accounts after having a cesarean. Both the similarities and differences in responses show that cesarean, like any birth, is an individual experience and can be affected by the kind of care you receive. 

Nutrition Series by Petra Colindres

This year, Lamaze took a concerted effort to tackle the topic of nutrition, led by our in-house nutrition expert Petra Colindres, MA, RDN/LD, IBCLC, CPT. Petra covers issues like needed nutrients by trimester, prenatal vitamins, and eating optimally for breastfeeding. 

Taking a Childbirth Class vs. Hiring a Doula - Know the Difference!

This post covers a hot-button topic for many childbirth educators and doulas. Taking a childbirth class and hiring a doula are not the same and it's important to understand the value in both!

What to Know About Your Nurse During Your Birth

The quality of care received from the nursing staff at the hospital during your birth can impact the overall quality of your experience. Arm yourself with this inside knowledge about your nurse before heading to your birth. 

What Not to Do During a Contraction... And What to Do Instead for Optimal Comfort!

Sometimes, it's the simple posts and advice that I love most -- and that our readers appreciate most! After all, we are an organization that works to inform families for the safest, most healthy birth. In this case, the topic is finding optimal comfort. Learn what's best for the most comfort during contractions. 

Top Search Terms in 2016

Lastly, below are the top 10 search terms used on Giving Birth with Confidence in 2016:

  • Finding a healthcare provider
  • Birth plan
  • 6 healthy birth practices
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Great expectations
  • Induction
  • Exercise
  • Good childbirth class
  • Zika virus


To all of our readers throughout the year -- THANK YOU! We aim to serve and inform you. We appreciate your readership and thoughtful comments. If there's anything you'd like to see or see more of in 2017, please email me at cterreri at lamaze.org. 

To leave a comment, click on the Comment icon on the left side of the screen.  

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