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newspaper-154444_640.pngHappy Friday, everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you 6 of the most important and my personal recent favorite posts from the net. Enjoy!

New fish consumption guidelines during pregnancy - The FDA has released new guidelines for which fish to eat and how much during pregnancy, according to mercury levels. The link includes a handy printable graphic. 

Chinese postpartum practice of "sitting in" after birth - Do you know about the ancient Chinese custom of "sitting in" after giving birth? While not all of it is accessible in our US culture, we could certainly take a few notes about resting for a longer period of time!

4 things never to say to people of childbearing age - If these four things aren't on your radar, they should be! It's important to be mindful of what we say to others at any given time, but especially concerning the topics of pregnancy, birth, and children. 

Nightmares during the last trimester of pregnancy - Are you experiencing nightmares in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy? Check out what this study found out about the frequency and causes.

Powerful photos of birth - View the contest winners and the honorable mentions from the 2017 Image of the Year from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. These striking images with melt and astound you. 

9 cool birth practices from around the world - How do they do birth around the world? Learn about a small sampling of traditions from other countries. I'm particularly digging the practice that they do in the Netherlands.  

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