What Is an IBCLC and Why Would You Need One?

peer counselor helping mom.jpgToday, March 6 is IBCLC day, and in recognition, we're giving you the scoop on IBCLCs. If you're pregnant or recently gave birth and plan to/are breastfeeding, an International Board of Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), is important to know and work with to provide care, support, and troubleshooting with breastfeeding. 


♦ Is a healthcare professional who provides clinical care, support, and management of breastfeeding for new parents

♦ Can be found in either a hospital, in the labor and delivery and postpartum units, or in a private practice

♦ Helps with issues like difficulty latching, sore nipples, breast infection, positioning problems, twins/multiples, milk supply, returning to work, and more

♦ Can be found on the United States Lactation Consultant Association directory

♦ Costs between $120-$200+ for a private consultation, which can be reimbursed by some insurance carriers

♦ Provides private in-home or in-office consultations 

♦ Differs from a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) due to more extensive training and hands-on practice

♦ Is an invaluable asset to the success and enjoyment of your breastfeeding experience!


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