Links Worth Your Time for Nutrition & Pregnancy

fruit.jpgNutrition resources for pregnant people on the 'net are seemingly endless, which is great -- and totally overwhelming. Below we're sharing some of our favorite links to these resources, with a variety of ideas, tips, and topics.


10 Surprising Prenatal Power Foods (Fit Pregnancy) - Some of these might really surprise you (hello, chives?!), and some might trigger morning sickness. Nevertheless, it's a good list to keep in mind when you plan meals and snacks. 

13 Foods to Eat When Pregnant (Authority Nutrition) - Unlike some of the unusual food choices from above, this contains a list of more basic foods and food groups that you'll want to make sure is a part of your regular pregnancy diet.  

Basics for Handling Food Safely (USDA) - Food safety -- storage, handling, and cooking -- is important to know whether pregnant or not. 

The Food Lover's Guide to Morning Sickness (Kitchn) - A survival guide, and slightly different suggestions, for foodies with morning sickness. 

Healthy Pregnancy Diet on a Budget (Natural Birth and Baby Care) - This piece outlines detailed information on how to eat for pregnancy using WIC, including specific meal ideas and ways to stretch food and budget while still maintaining the nutrients you need.

Eat Better for Less (Fit Pregnancy) - General tips to help you save on your overall grocery budget when you're pregnant -- or anytime! 

Eating Well for a Healthy Pregnancy - Free Guidebook (First Steps Nutrition Trust) - This ebook is full of great information on nutrition during pregnancy, including sample meals, budget ideas, and preparing for breastfeeding. It was written by a nonprofit in the UK, so you'll notice costs are written in £ instead of $, but otherwise the information is relevant and useful!

An Easy Two-Week Meal Plan for the Pregnant Mom (Keeper of the Home) - There's a lot of scrolling in this article, but it's full of 42 (!) meal ideas, including recipes for many of them.  

50 Pregnancy Meal Ideas (Fit to Be Pregnant & Beyond) - In case you didn't find what you wanted above, check out this list! 

Best Chain Restaurant Meals for Pregnant Women (Parents) - While not a comprehensive list of locations, this is a great start! They break out three of the best meals per restaurant, according to best protein punch, strongest "swimmer" (ie, fish), and more. 



Nice Collective Information

July 14, 2017 09:27 AM by Shobit Gupta

Nice <a href="">Article</a>. It was worthy to read complete Post!! All Information under one roof.

Nice Collective Information

July 14, 2017 09:29 AM by Shobit Gupta

Nice Article. It was worthy to read complete Post!! All information under one roof.

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