Links to Love for Cesarean Awareness Month


2295504318_5fc5c512e6_m.jpgLots of links to share and we're only one week into Cesarean Awareness Month! Clearly, there are lots of voices to be heard and shared about this very important topic. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend with some reading around the 'net!


16 Points to Consider for Your Cesarean Birth Plan (Attachment Parenting) - Helpful tips and strategies for a family-centered cesarean. 

31 Days of Preparing for VBAC (Beautiful in His Time) - If you've ever wanted to read a detailed series on one person's journey to VBAC, this is it! 

5 Exercises to Help with Your C-section Recovery (Healthline) - How you recover after a cesarean birth can affect your overall well-being and happiness. Make a commitment to your recovery by including daily strengthening and healing practices. 

Caesarean Birth Recovery - 45 Tips for Healing (Ilena Standring) - Beyond exercises for healing, this comprehensive post looks at the whole package of healing, from support to food and hydration. 

One in Three Is Too Many (DONA) - Cesarean support resources from the most well-known doula certifying organization. 

13 C-section Birth Photos that Are Simply Beautiful (Baby Center)

Three Truths About C-Section Mamas (Cord) - If you want a raw and beautiful read, this is it. 

A Love Letter to C-section Moms (Cafe Mom) - The words we choose and the way we describe the different kinds of births matters. 

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