The 5 Stages of New Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy our special tribute to newly minted moms. Can you relate to these five stages after birth?


A baby is born. 


What follows next are the five stages of new motherhood after giving birth. Of course, mileage may vary.   


5 Stages of New Motherhood


Stage 1: WHAT just happened?!

Varying degrees of oh my gosh it's over, to I just had a baby?!! and I actually just did that, whoa. 



Stage 2: OMG this is the most magical thing ever and I am amazed and blissful and crying and in love!

Really, self explanatory. Think unicorns and fairy dust. 



Stage 3: You need to stitch what??

Fairy dust gone. Reality hits (kind of) when you realize you are not, in fact, done.  


Stage 4: I have never been this hungry in all of my life -- I will eat all the things!

The part when gazing at your new baby conflicts with feeding your face. 


Stage 5: I'm feeling a little tired -- going to close my eyes just for a seco... *passes out, snoring*

It's a whole new kinda tired. 


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Lamaze wishes a Happy Mother's Day to all of our new moms, moms-to-be, and veteran moms!  

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