Learn More About Having a Doula -- Read Up During International Doula Month!

Celebrate-International-Doula-Month-2017.pngMay is International Doula Month, and if you're a parent who's had a positive experience with a doula (and there are many!), you'll understand why we celebrate doulas! If you're hoping to be a parent soon or expecting a baby currently and haven't made up your mind about hiring a doula, you'll want to take some time and check out this incredibly informative and interesting series of blog posts at Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and DONA doula Stacie Bingham's website.

For the past three years during International Doula Month, Stacie has hosted a "31 Days of Doulas" blog series in which guests write on different topics pertaining to doula care. Naturally, there are loads of posts to sift through, so I've done the work for you in combing through them and listing below the best posts that share information on what doulas do and why parents choose to hire a doula (other posts are geared more toward practitioners/doulas themselves). Of course, if you get through all of these, you'll want to just go ahead and read everything in the series -- there are many awesome tips for laboring parents and great birth stories that are not listed below!


♥ My Birth Playbook -- When It's Dad Who Wants the Doula

Often it's moms who push for a doula and dads push back, but not in this case! 

stacie bingham 31 days.jpgI'm Not a Duel-a

Learn (with the help of hilarious graphics) the differences between a doula who doulas and a doula who duel-as. You'll get it when you read it. 

Disappointment with My Doula

It's important to know when parents are disappointed with their doula experience so you can use their feedback to select the best doula match for you. 

Do We Expect Too Much from Dads at Birth?

What kinds of expectations are we putting on dads at birth, and is it too much to expect?

Why We Had Doulas

Hear from a bunch of parents on their reasons for having a doula.

A Doula for My High-Risk Pregnancy

How does a doula help with a high-risk pregnancy?

What a Doula Isn't

You now know lots about what a doula is -- learn what a doula isn't.

Why I Had a Midwife AND a Doula

The roles of midwife and doula are different, and each serve a distinct and important purpose. 

A Short History of Doulas

Did you know that doulas have been around, informally, for centuries?  

What If She Had a Doula?

An aunt-turned-doula-fanatic shares her story.

Getting Reimbursed for My Doula

It is possible!

Why I Didn't Need a Doula

This dad tells us why he didn't need a doula. 

Why Would I Hire a Doula with No Children?

Personal experience is not always a necessary component for quality care and service. 

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