Good Reads Friday - June Links Worth Reading & Sharing

good reads june.pngFor this last day in June, we thought we'd share some of the best posts and articles that came out this month (there were many!). From humorous to tender, and light-hearted to serious, we combed the 'net for the most recent dad-related content. Enjoy the good reads!


A beautiful video celebration of dads supporting in labor. (Birth Becomes Her)


An interesting look at the history of dads in the delivery room. (NPR)


A super-sweet letter from dad to his son on their first Father's Day together. (You the Daddy)


Not a blog post, but did you know that there's a Daddit and Predaddit? ie, Reddit sub communities just for dads and predads. So cool! 


Hilarious and snarky tips for surviving a three-year-old's behavior from this funny dad blogger. (Wrap Daddy)


Nervous expectant dad? This article will help you find ways to calm and soothe. (Huffington Post)


A dad shares 5 helpful tips on how to get involved when your partner is breastfeeding. (The Dad Network)


Heart-ful tips for moms raising kids without a dad. (Aha Parenting)


Find out what happens when dad jokes get real -- ie, dads turn into their fathers. (Dad and Buried)


Dad's mental health matters, too! Learn more about paternal mental health and valuable resources. (Science & Sensibility)

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