Breast Pump Trade-In Program

every-mom-promo.jpgBreast Pumps Direct, an online marketplace for breast pumps, has launched a "Chance to Choose Program," a breast pump “trade-up” program that allows parents to trade in their insurance-provided pump in exchange for a brand new pump of their choice at a heavily reduced price. The traded-in pumps will be donated and distributed to moms in need via Breast Pumps Directs charitable partners.

The program came about because Spencer Hoyt, owner of Breast Pumps Direct, saw the frustration experienced by parents who receive a pump provided by insurance. “Typically, moms don’t get to choose their insurance-provided pump -- they are very basic and don't fulfill all their needs," Hoyt said. "We want to change that. With our program, they can choose the pump that works best for them and their family while allowing another mom access to a pump and the chance to breastfeed their baby.”

Parents wishing to “trade-up” their pump can visit Breast Pumps Direct, input the brand of their existing pump, and choose a new, premium pump at a special price. The new pump is shipped along with a prepaid return shipping label for their donated pump. Any parent who is unhappy with their current pump provided through insurance is eligible to trade in their pump. 

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