Free Birth Healing Summit - Learn How to Recover After Birth

birth healing summit.pngAre you in the throes of life after birth and feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for your own emotional and physical survival and recovery? Or perhaps you're prepping to have baby #2 and worried about what to expect this time around after birth, especially if you had a rough postpartum the first time. For the second time, the Institute for Birth Healing is hosting the Birth Healing Summit, an online gathering of expert speakers presenting on topics vital to the health and recovery of people who have recently given birth. The summit is free to attend and will take place live online September 25 - October 2. The sessions also will be recorded and available to listen to at a later time. Topics include:

  • Struggling with your body after birth
  • Wondering why you don’t feel the same as before you gave birth
  • Dealing with intense emotions about your birth
  • Feeling vaginal pressure after birth
  • Peeing your pants or peeing too frequently (more than once every 2-3 hours)
  • Safe exercise after birth
  • Feeling out of sorts and having difficulty bonding with your baby
  • Re-strengthening your core after birth (every mom needs to!)

Essentially, the Birth Healing Summit is for any postpartum person who could benefit from care and healing. Participants will learn: 

  • Why kegels don’t always help after birth
  • Signs your body is not liking exercise after birth
  • Principles of healing and resolving trauma
  • Why you should never do another crunch again - EVER!
  • Signs Your Body Is Still Stuck Birthing... and so much more!

Lynn Schulte, PT, is the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing and host of the Birth Healing Summit. Lynn regularly sees pregnant and postpartum women for healing bodywork sessions and teaches birth professionals how to more effectively and holistically treat pregnant and postpartum moms. She is a women’s health physical therapist with more than 25 years of experience who knows how to prepare bodies for birth and healing after delivery. You can learn more about the Birth Healing Summit and register online


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Online summit details

September 24, 2017 04:07 PM by Jinal Thosani


I would be interested in attending the office line seminar by esteemed speakers  on post part um care. Kindly update me with the timings according to Indian time and any others prerequisite if necessary. 

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