A Lamaze Childbirth Class Isn't All That

lamaze class.pngAs someone who works for Lamaze and teaches Lamaze childbirth classes, I hear a lot of misguided and outdated information from parents who think they know what a Lamaze childbirth class is all about. I want to set the record straight and tell you that a Lamaze childbirth class isn't all that -- it's way more! You might be surprised to learn what's really in a Lamaze childbirth class. Take a look!

What Surprises Parents the Most About Lamaze Childbirth Classes

  • Lamaze classes are NOT all about breathing!
  • They are actually fun -- no, really!
  • Your partner will enjoy the class too
  • In fact, your partner will get just as much out of going to class as you (maybe more!)
  • You will meet other people that may become good friends and allies in your parenting journey
  • What you learn will impact your birth experience, no matter what the outcome
  • That there are so many choices you have in birth
  • The information you get is based on best evidence, not just the most common hospital policies
  • You learn in-depth information about interventions (no, the epidural is not "just a shot")
  • Baby-birthing is a LOT like baby-making! 
  • Birth is usually not an emergency!
  • The class is not one big lecture with note-taking -- it's interactive
  • You don't have to push out a baby on your back 
  • You don't need to rush to the hospital when your water breaks (thanks Hollywood!)
  • Lamaze teachers aren't usually a woman wearing a long skirt and patchouli who shows pictures of birth from the 1970s and promotes an all-natural birth in the forest (not that there's anything wrong with patchouli!)
  • Lamaze educators are a diverse, educated, candid, funny, approachable, current, and teach evidence based practices
  • Lamaze educators work alongside the medical community, not against it
  • Lamaze teachers do not tell you how to do birth, but provide the information you need to make choices with confidence 
  • Lamaze doesn't teach that interventions are inherently "bad," but teaches about benefits, risks, trade offs, alternatives, and necessity
  • Lamaze classes are NOT just for those who want to give birth without pain medication
  • Lamaze teaches about ALL of the ways you can relieve pain in labor

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