Coco Monkey Smoothie and Other Favorite Homemade Labor Treats

homemade labor treats.pngHave you thought about what you'll use to keep you hydrated and energized during labor and birth? There are lots of ready-made products you can buy that work great in labor, like granola/protein/energy bars, electrolyte drinks, coconut water, and endurance sport snacks. There are also things you can make that are likely less expensive, give you more control over ingredients, and allow you to tweak for your personal preferences. We've combed through some of the internet's finest labor treats and drinks to give you inspiration and a chance to experiment before the big day. 

Coco Monkey Labor Smoothie - This labor favorite came from students in Sharon Muza's (she maintains our sister blog, Science & Sensibility) childbirth classes. She says that students absolutely loved this frozen concoction, which includes cocoa powder, banana, and your favorite nut butter.

Labor Aid - You can find several versions of this Gatorade replacement drink online, but the basics include lemon, honey, water or coconut water, and minerals. 

Energy Bites - In labor, your best bet is a little bite that packs a big punch. These energy bites do just that and are easy to make -- no cooking involved!

Busca's Birthing Brew - If you're looking for something a little more hearty to sip on during labor, check out this powerful punch, which includes kefir, chia seeds, fruit, and kale. 

Groaning Cake - This cake (or muffins) is traditionally made for after baby is born to help a parent recuperate, but the ingredients also work perfectly to provide energy and nourishment during labor and through the first hours of postpartum. 

Electrolyte Cubes - Looking for just a "splash" of flavor along with some very useful electrolytes? Consider making these electrolyte cubes with your favorite hydrating drink.

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