Halloween Costumes for Breastfeeding Moms

halloween costumes.pngWill you be towing along a nursling to your Halloween festivities this year? No need to let it stop you from getting dressed up and having fun with the occasion! There are so many costumes you can wear that will either easily incorporate your baby into the costume, or make breastfeeding easier. We've crafted a handful of ideas for you:

Baby Wearing Spider & Web - Wear your favorite baby carrier, but disguise it as a giant spider. You can find extra large spiders with posable legs in the Halloween decorations aisle of most big box stores. Attach the spider with safety pins or some loose hand stitching that can easily be removed after you're done. In the mean time, dress yourself up as the spider's web! If you're crafty, you can make your own web with white rope, like this one. Otherwise, buy a spider web decoration meant for hanging in your home or outside and attach it to the front of you, underneath your baby carrier.

Superhero Shield Props - Looking for quick coverage that works well with your costume? Dress up like your favorite superhero or heroine and use the shield, like this mom with her Captain America shield, for coverage when breastfeeding!

Incorporate the Cape - Harry Potter fan? Wonder Woman this year? Be sure to wear and use the cape as a strategic breastfeeding cover! No one needs to cover, of course, but some find it more comfortable. A cape doubles perfectly as a nursing cover! 

Classic Ghost - Here's one costume that is cheap, simple, and works great for breastfeeding! The classic white-bedsheet-turned-ghost works great with breastfeeding. Don't forget to dress up baby too!

Low-cut or Bra Top Costumes - There are so many costumes that require a lower cut top or bra/bikini top, and what better way to breastfeed than with a top that easily pulls to the side! Think mermaid, Greek goddess, or any costume with a peasant top.  

Costume Shirt Turned Nursing Shirt - Turn your costume shirt into a nursing shirt, like this cute Rosie the Riveter mom and baby costume. Or, convert your nursing shirt into a costume shirt!  

Button Down Costume - Most new breastfeeding parents quickly learn that button down shirts work great for breastfeeding. Thankfully, there are several button down costumes you can wear! Consider the timeless Risky Business shirt-and-socks combo, Mary Poppins, vintage nurse's dress, pirate, or chef.  

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