Naming Your Baby - When You & Your Partner Disagree

baby names.pngFinding the perfect name for your new baby can be so much fun! On the other hand, it can be a huge challenge and source of frustration. Maybe you've had your baby's name picked out since you were 16 and just can't wait to finally use it. Or maybe, you just found out you're having a little boy and are so thrilled to give him your grandfather's name. But wait -- what if your significant other also has thoughts and ideas about a name (whaaa?), and what if - gasp! - they aren't the same as yours?! 

If you're in the camp of people whose partners don't really care what you name your baby, congrats! This post isn't for you... please redirect your attention to another lovely article on the blog. If you and your partner are knee deep in baby name arguments, stick around. For some, baby naming is a huge deal. It's not like you can change your mind a year or two in! And then of course, there are family naming obligations to consider. Whose family gets priority? What if it's a "terrible" family name? Coming up with a name that both sides can agree on can be stressful. Thankfully, there are ways you can compromise. Check out our go-to suggestions for deciding on a mutually agreeable baby name. 

Consider name variations - Your partner loves William, but you don't. Consider variations like Will or Liam. Elizabeth can be Eliza, Liza, Lisa, Beth, Betty, or Eli. This trick can be especially helpful for the less-than-liked family names. 

Divide and conquer - If one of you gets to name the first name, then the other is in charge of the middle name. 

Let someone else decide - If you both have a top favorite, consider creating a formal (or informal) survey and sending it out to your family and friends to make the decision. Whichever name with the most votes, wins. Of course, you both have to be willing to concede if you lose.  

Pick a kid - If you plan on having more than one child, consider assigning a child to a partner. One gets to name the first child, while the other gets to name the second. 

Switch it up - If your partner loves Catherine (after a beloved grandmother) for a first name, but you just stand it, consider it for your child's middle name. It's still a great way to honor a family member.  

Breaking tradition - Maybe both of you don't want to continue the tradition of naming the first boy Michael Alexander Montgomery, III. While it may be disappointing to family members, remember that this is ultimately your child and your decision. Consider using one of the family names as a middle name instead. 

Combined names - If your partner loves the name Grace, but you have your mind set on Anna, consider combining the two into Anna-Grace or Gracieanna. 


At the end of the day, it's important to come up with a name that both of you can be happy with and take pride in. It's also important to see the forest for the trees and remember that this is just a small piece of something more significant -- bringing forth new life into the world. Remember that no matter your child's name, your love for her will be just as grand. 

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