Be a Part of the Future with Your Pregnancy!

pregsource.pngWhat if you had the power to influence and improve the future of health care for pregnant people across the United States? What if, by simply tracking your pregnancy, you could help disprove common pregnancy myths and re-create what we know about pregnancy?

You can!

PregSourceTM is a research project that aims to capture information about pregnancy directly from pregnant women. The data collected will help provide a more complete picture of the pregnancy experience and inform strategies for improving maternal care in the future. PregSource is a project created by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and is partnered with several supporting organizations, including Lamaze International. With the data collected from people like you, PregSource hopes to find answers to important questions like:

  • How many women experience morning sickness? How long does it generally last? At what stage of pregnancy is it more common? Is it related to weight gain?
  • How much does being pregnant affect sleep patterns? How do these patterns change over the course of the pregnancy? 
  • When are women most likely to gain weight during pregnancy, and how does the timing of this weight gain affect the health of moms and babies? 
  • How do other factors—such as medication use, diet, and exercise—change over the course of the pregnancy?
  • How do those with particular challenges, such as physical disabilities or chronic diseases, experience pregnancy and new motherhood?

As part of this project, PregSource offers fun and valuable tracking tools for your benefit, too! Chart things like:

  • Pregnancy progress
  • Morning sickness
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Physical activity

PregSource also allows you to:

  • Share updates with your health care provider
  • Compare your experience with pregnant women around the nation
  • Get expert health information from trusted sources

As we all are leery about sharing personal information with anyone, let alone online, PregSource wants you to know that it is solely collecting information for research purposes. Your personal information, such as your name and phone number, will remain confidential and secure. PregSource will never sell your information, and you will not receive ads for pregnancy- or baby-related products or services through the website. 

I encourage you to check this valuable and fun research project out for yourself and consider using PregSource to track and share your pregnancy. Imagine the possible effects on the health and well-being of future pregnancies and babies your efforts could have!

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