Benefits of Bringing Someone Along to Your Prenatal Appointments

prenatal appointments support.pngDuring the average pregnancy, you'll visit your care provider's practice about 15 times or more. Apart from the expected routine care, you'll have approximately 15 opportunities to ask questions, learn about your prenatal health, and get to know your care provider(s). Whether you go to your appointments alone or bring a friend, family member, or significant other is up to you. If you've never considered bringing someone along, you may want to as there are worthy benefits to attending prenatal appointments with someone who supports you.

Moral support - Sometimes, the mere presence of another person you love is enough to help put you at ease and enjoy yourself. Bringing someone along is especially helpful if you know you may have a difficult appointment coming up or plan on discussing a topic that you feel nervous about. 

Second set of ears - Prenatal appointments go by quickly, sometimes so quickly that you don't have time to absorb or process the information given to you by your provider. With a second set of ears present, you'll have the opportunity later to go over what was said and presented during the appointment. Your support person may remember details that you don't and can help fill in missing pieces. 

A different perspective - The person you bring along will come to your appointment with her own perspective and viewpoints. She may ask things you don't, which could bring helpful answers and information to questions you didn't know you had. 

Sharing in the journey - Pregnancy can feel lonely, since after all, you are the only one carrying your child and physically experiencing the pregnancy! When you open up and share -- as much as is possible -- your journey with others, it feels less isolating. 

Education for your support person - If the person you bring is also going to be with you during labor and birth, it's helpful to involve them throughout your care. Prenatal appointments deliver information that will be useful to know in advance of attending birth. If your support person is with you for at least a few of your appointments, he will likely feel more involved, prepared, and confident prior to birth. 

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