9 Last Minute Gift Ideas New Moms will Actually Love

gifts for new moms.pngAhhh! Christmas is only three days away! We can't help you with everyone on your list, but we can give you some awesome last-minute gift ideas for the new moms on your list. And really, most of these ideas would be great for any mom on your list. All of these ideas can be picked up easily, locally or online. 

Top Last Minute Christmas Gifts for New Moms

Self-care gift certificate - New moms (and not-so-new moms) are notorious for putting themselves last on their list, if even at all. Give the gift of self love and care with a gift certificate to go get a massage, manicure/pedicure, or other body care treatment that she may not otherwise do for herself. 

Meal delivery service - Now we're talking. One of the biggest pain points in the first year of parenthood (and for some of us, ahem, even 11 years later) is preparing dinners with real, wholesome food. It's time consuming and requires effort at the end of an exhausting day. Meal delivery service is an amazing treat! Seek out a service that requires very little work on the part of the cook. Ideally for new parents, choose a service that delivers meals that simply have to be reheated. 

Postpartum doula - Depending on how well you know the recipient, you might consider purchasing blocks of hours for support and help from a postpartum doula in her area. A postpartum doula does everything from breastfeeding and baby care support to meal prep assistance and light housecleaning. 

Sitter funds - Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a wad of cash. But what if you gifted the cash in a fun way and labeled it "Babysitter funds?" Now that's a gift worth its weight in, well, cash. 

Housecleaning service - If there's one thing new parents hate more than cooking dinner, it's cleaning the house. Find a reputable cleaning service and purchase a deep cleaning certificate.

New pjs and slippers - In the first few weeks and months after having a baby, pajamas and slippers are typical dress code. A fresh new set of pjs and slippers can make a person feel like a million bucks.  

A good book - New moms spend a lot of time sitting with baby. Having a few new books or magazines to dive into during the long hours can help. 

Home-cooked meals - If cooking is your thing, whip up a few batch meals (ideally ones that can be easily frozen) and gift them to the new parents. Homemade gifts are the best, and this is no exception. 

Photo subscription service - Encourage mom to get some of those cute baby photos off of her phone and into her house with a photo print subscription service gift certificate. 


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