2017 Year in Review on the Blog

2017 year in review.pngAs 2017 comes to a close, it's the ideal time to take stock of the events, accomplishments, challenges, and missteps from the year. Doing so helps give perspective on the past and input for the future. Here at Giving Birth with Confidence, we like to review and share the top viewed posts on the blog from the year. It's interesting -- and informative -- to see what readers gravitate toward.  

Most Popular Posts from 2017

Painkillers and Pregnancy: Information on Opioids During Pregnancy, and Alternatives

Given the opioid crisis we have in the United States, it's no surprise that this was our top viewed post from the year. The opioid epidemic affects everyone, including those who are pregnant. This guest post reviews the dangers of opioid use, but more importantly, provides information on how to stop and alternatives for pain. 

New Research Reaffirms Benefits of Touch for Baby - Make it Part of Your Routine

Research on the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your baby isn't new, but it is evolving. In this post, we share new discoveries about the benefits of touch, as well as practical ways you can make it part of your everyday routine with your baby.

Prep Your House Now for Life with a Newborn

This post falls under the category of, "Oh right, there will be a baby in my house soon!" So much focus throughout pregnancy is on pregnancy and birth; prepping for life with a baby is often an afterthought... which is likely why so many people frantically Google topics on newborn prep and care.

How to Manage Your Stress When Caring for a Newborn

Life with a new baby is overwhelming! Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your stress as new parents. This post shares several strategies for doing just that. 

10 Ways to Use a Hospital Bed During Labor and Birth

A hospital bed isn't just for lying down -- and in labor and birth, it best uses are often for anything but lying down! This post shares the most helpful alternative ways to use a hospital bed for labor and birth, complete with pictures.  

How to Exercise During Pregnancy When You Hate Exercise

The popularity of this post proves that there are many of us who struggle with exercise. We know the value, but we find it challenging to achieve. This post provides several practical and simple ways to fit it in.  

Benefits of Bringing Someone Along to Your Prenatal Appointments

It's easy to add "prenatal appt." to your Outlook calendar and forget it. But when you spend a little time and thought about bringing someone along to your appointment, the potential benefits are worth the effort. 

Plan Now to Stay Sane While Pregnant During the Holidays

Right now, we can look back and say "whew, I made it!" But when you're in the thick of holiday season -- the prep, the stress -- it's made even more taxing when you're pregnant. This post shares go-to tips for cutting back on the obligations so you can give back to your sanity. 

All This Talk About "Self Care" -- It's Not What You Think

Self care -- talk about buzzword for the year. For some people, however, all this talk about self care brings on even more stress (oh, the irony). Perhaps that's because the emphasis has been put on the wrong things. Our post demystifies the practice of self care and provides suggestions accessible for everyone. 

Most Important Things to Know About Premature Birth

Premature birth happens to a lot of people and babies. And if routine (at term) birth throws the average person for a loop, then premature birth is that much more intense. In this post, we share the most important things to know about premature birth -- including, how to prevent it.  

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