The Best App for Tracking Your Pregnancy

With the start of the new year, there's lots of talk about planners. Seriously, you could scroll through Facebook comments about day planners for, well, days. Rest assured -- this post is not about the typical planner.

In pregnancy and the early days of parenting, parents can benefit from a tool that can help you track what's going on personally while also providing resources for what you're experiencing. The Lamaze Pregnancy to Parenting app does just that!

Unlike other pregnancy tracking apps, Pregnancy to Parenting was created by Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators, which means that it was created by those who understand pregnancy and early parenting inside-and-out, and provide information based on the most solid and up-to-date research and practices. In the app, you will find:

  • Weekly pregnancy & baby information
  • Daily tips and articles
  • Daily pregnancy log
  • Appointment tracker
  • Photo and video tool
  • Contraction counter
  • Breastfeeding tracker
  • Access to Lamaze resources

For a closer look, see a snapshot of the different tools below:

preg to parenting app 1.png

preg to parenting app 2.png


Apple.png google.png

Download the app today by searching Pregnancy to Parenting in the App Store or Google Play or by clicking the buttons above. If you aren't already tracking and planning your pregnancy or early parenting, we think you'll really enjoy the new resources from Lamaze Pregnancy to Parenting.  

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