3 Last-Minute Post-Baby Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

valentines.pngIt's Valentine's Day, you've recently had a baby, and you're scrambling for ways to celebrate your partner and your love amid the changing diapers, round-the-clock feedings, and limited alone time. Here's the good news: in the days, weeks, and months after you've had a baby, you get a pass for nearly everything. In other words, expectations are low for anything but caring for your baby. You're in a time where your emotions, mental clarity, and free time are all being compromised -- which means: you deserve a pass, so go ahead and take one. 

This year, tell your partner you want to KISS for Valentine's Day -- that is, Keep It Simple, Sweetie. You both have permission to keep your celebrating and expressions of love to each as simple as you want. Here are a few ideas:

Send a heartfelt text. Yes, I said text. It's not about the time it takes to make, buy, or plan something -- it's about the thought that goes into the message. Pour your bleary-eyed love for your partner into a message about how you feel about their changing role, their support, and their best qualities. 

Order in and toast each other. Forget waiting in lines at a restaurant with your newborn in tow. Order in your favorite food (or whatever delivers in less than an hour), serve it right out of the containers, and before you dig in, make a heartfelt toast to each other and your place in life at the moment. 

Take turns going out. Maybe what you each need right now is an hour of time alone. Take turns letting each person go out to do what-the-heck-ever you want. When you come back together, spend some time with each other to recognize and appreciate your relationship and how you work hard to support each other. Or, give each other a hug and go to bed. Because really, sleep is the best thing you could hope for on this Valentine's Day as a new parent. 

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