2018 Best of Pregnancy Blogs on Healthline - Check Out the Other Great Pregnancy Blogs!

best of healthline.pngFor the third year in a row, Giving Birth with Confidence was awarded a spot on Healthline's Best Pregnancy Blogs! Healthline is the fastest growing consumer health information site that provides informative, easy-to-understand, and engaging tips and information, which is regularly reviewed by their team of medical reviewers.

We hope you'll spend some time checking out the many other great pregnancy-related blogs that Healthline highlighted. Pregnancy is often a time when parents and families seek community and understanding more than ever before as they enter into the ranks of parenthood.  


Cherish 365

What it is: Formerly Baby Making Machine blogger Jennifer Borget captures her 2, soon-to-be 3 kids on Cherish 365 through the lens of a photography buff, and provides pregnancy and parenting tips along with product recommendations along the way. 

Why I like it: Jennifer has a way of capturing life with her kids that is just plain beautiful to look at on screen, and at the same time, her voice is and stories are as real as it gets with the ups and downs of parenting. I like too that she covers important issues on interracial marriage and multiracial parenting. She also has a pretty big section on homeschooling, which is always good to have more resources. 

Pregnant Chicken

What it is: An awesomely snarky all-things-pregnancy-through-parenthood site by Amy Morrison that delivers the real scoop. Amy started the Pregnant Chicken after finding that all the pregnancy information online was meant to terrify and immobilize all pregnant people, as if we could gestate in a sterile capsule. 

Why I like it: For starters, there's a category called "Asshattery." Beyond that, it talks about the issues that pregnant, new parents, and seasoned parents really care about, written in a tone dripping with sarcasm, humor, and a big ole' dose of reality.   

Birth Without Fear

What it is: In short, Birth Without Fear is simply amazing. Written and founded by January Harsche, mother of six, this blog was intended to inform women about their choices in childbirth, but it turned into so much more. Many of the stories address some of both the more challenging and joyful aspects of pregnancy and birth, and offer families healing, comfort and encouragement.  

Why I like it: Birth stories, birth stories, and more birth stories. Remembering back to when I was pregnant, I remember wanting so much to read encouraging and real birth stories. Birth Without Fear offers the voices of so many people and families who share their stories of power, triumph, and reality. 


Be sure to check out all of the sites and blogs listed on Healthline's Best Pregnancy Blogs list, and thank YOU for continuing to support Giving Birth with Confidence!

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January 21, 2019 06:32 AM by jan

Thank a lot for these information i really need something like this .

I also have a blog about pregnant woman .

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