Last Minute Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

IMG_9736b.jpgFather's Day is this Sunday, which means you still have time to get the new dad in your life exactly what he wants! The life of a new parent often feels like a paper plane in a wind storm -- hectic, out of control, and chaotic, but if you happen to catch just the right tail wind, you'll really soar!

New dads have their own unique experience in parenthood, and even though media and companies spend less time focusing on this dad-centric experience, it is valid and important. If you have a new dad (or dad-to-be) in your life, we want to help you find just the right gift for him for Father's Day. No one gift will help him navigate that wind storm, but it may brighten the moment, lift his spirits, and guide him through the long road ahead. 

  • Family/child photos printed and framed
  • Good baby carrier 
  • A night/afternoon out
  • Meal service/subscription
  • Beer/wine/snack of the month subscription
  • Good dad-specific book (Man vs. Baby, How to Be a Great Dad, 52 Things Kids Need From a Dad, #Dadlife)
  • Father-child journal
  • Bedtime story book to share with baby
  • Your favorite Saturday morning pancake recipe
  • Long, uninterrupted nap
  • Matching father/child shirts
  • Basket of packages snacks
  • Pizza delivery gift card

What would you add to this list of new dads Father's Day gifts?

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