Pregnancy Survival Tips to Enjoy Your July 4th

july 4th.pngMany cities in the United States are experiencing high temperatures and humidity right now, which is fairly typical for July 4th celebrations. If you're pregnant, however, these outdoor conditions are less-than-ideal for the upcoming Independence Day festivities.

If you love taking part in outdoor traditions this time of year, but don't love the heat during pregnancy, we have some tips to help you survive, and actually enjoy your July 4th holiday. 

July 4th Survival Tips for Pregnancy

Change up your tradition

This may not be what you want to hear, but it’s a simple place to start. Consider an indoor event, like a movie night, dinner out with friends, a cock/mocktail party, or something else that offers plenty of air conditioning and comfy places to sit.

Keep the tradition, make modifications

Ok, so you’re a diehard traditionalist – I get it. Go to the parade! Go to the festival! Go the backyard-all-day-b-b-q! Just, be sure to take more frequent breaks, including sitting down more often with your feet up, seek out AC when possible, or consider only attending events in the early morning or later evening to avoid the hottest temperatures.

Dress lightly

What you wear in the heat matters! Lighter colored, lightweight, natural, and breathable fabrics all will help keep you cool and dry.

Bring two chairs, and use them

If you’re going to an outdoor event, or hosting one, make sure you snag two chairs just for your use. When it’s hot and you’re pregnant, swollen feet and ankles are all the more common. Taking regular breaks to get off your feet, as well as propping up your feet, will help reduce swelling and give tired feet a break.

Stay cool

This goes without saying, of course, but when you’re pregnant – especially later in pregnancy – it helps to take extra measures to keep yourself cool. This includes drinking lots of cold water to stay hydrated, finding shade, using a cool, wet neck towel, and cooling off indoors often.

Keep it simple

Are you usually the festivities host for 4th of July? Hand off that torch this year! If you’re pregnant, especially if you’re in your 3rd trimester, you may not feel like taking on the task of prepping and hosting 30-40 of your closest friends and families for fireworks. See if someone else will take your place this year, or choose to go to a local town celebration instead.

Leave early

There’s nothing that says you have to stay at the parade/festival/bbq/fireworks until it’s over. Make a showing, sample the food, then head back to the comfort and coolness of your home.

Delegate tasks

Ask your sister to bring the homemade pies this year while you take care of the lemonade and napkins. Ask for – or hire – help cleaning and cooking before your host a get together. Whatever your can take off of your plan in terms of planning will give you more time to pile food on your plate and relax afterward.

Listen up

No matter what you end up doing on the 4th, listen closely to what your body tells you throughout the day. Take breaks, cool down, and hydrate as soon as you need so you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

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