Last Minute Pregnancy Travel Tips for Thanksgiving

snow-1281636_640.jpgAre you one of the nearly 51 million people traveling to see loved ones this Thanksgiving week? Awesome! Are you also pregnant? Fantastic! In general, traveling during pregnancy is not so different than traveling not pregnant. With just a few extra simple tips, you can have a comfortable and happy trip... unless of course there's family drama around the table, in which case, no amount of tips are simple! 

Things to Bring on Your Travels During Pregnancy

Medical information - You never know when you may need your medical information while traveling. It's a good idea to have a paper copy (yes, paper) of your medical history for your pregnancy. This is especially true if you're traveling outside the country as it may prove more difficult to obtain your records electronically or by fax. If you have online access to your medical records, you can easily print a report from home. If not, call your care provider ASAP to request a copy. 

Insurance card - If you're not already carrying this on you at all times, you should be. Alternatively, carry a picture of your ID card in your phone. 

Vitamins and any medication - This almost goes without saying, but it can be easy to forget in the throes of packing. 

Water - Staying hydrated during pregnancy is so important since dehydration can cause preterm labor and at the very least, being thirsty makes you feel crappy and cranky. Get a good reusable water bottle large enough to have a good supply but reasonably small enough to carry comfortably. If you're flying, remember to carry an empty water bottle and fill it up after the security checkpoint. If you are traveling outside the country, check to see if the local tap water is safe to drink. 

Comfy shoes - Never has wearing comfortable shoes been more important than in pregnancy. Pack your cute heels or boots, too, of course. But for any amount of walking, a good, stable, supportive walking shoe with plenty of length and width to expand is your best bet.  

Snacks - You never know how long you'll have between meals on a trip, or how easy it will be to get snacks while you're traveling, so be sure to take along a mix of high protein and simple carb snacks.

Pregnancy pillow - You may not be able to get this bad boy on a flight, but if you're traveling by car and there's room, you'll be so happy you brought it along. 

Journal - The holidays aren't usually a time for self-reflection and peace, but even still, take along your journal just in case you want to jot down some important memories or family quotes. It will be especially memorable to have these thoughts during pregnancy to reflect on later. 

Compression socks/hose - Even if you're not medically required to wear compression gear, it can help tremendously with your general comfort during pregnancy, especially during long car or plane rides.  


What kinds of things are you bringing on your travels this week? Did I forget anything that you consider a must have? Let us know!

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