Holiday Shopping While Pregnant - Tips for the Weary but Determined

Step 1: Open computer.

Step 2: Buy online.

All done! The end.

3915024323_f0ae3464a3.jpgOk, so you opened this post wanting some real tips for holiday shopping while pregnant, and I promise I'll give them to you! But seriously, you cannot underestimate the power, convenience, and simplicity of online shopping, especially when pregnant. That said, even if you do most of your shopping online, chances are you will have to run out to pick up "the little things" at some point -- a trip that could turn into a half-day affair! If so, keep the following holiday-shopping-pregnancy-survivalist-tips in mind:


Surviving the Holiday Shopping Bustle While Pregnant

Shoes - Do not go out shopping in anything less but your absolute most comfortable shoes. Something with ample width and good support and cushion. In pregnancy, your feet tend to swell more easily after walking or standing for a period of time, so take that into consideration when choosing your footwear for the day.

Water - The nice thing about being out and about among stores is that you can almost always find water. But it's extra convenient, and more environmentally friendly, to bring your own reusable water bottle. Shopping in stores where there are lots of people and heat pumping through the vents can add to your already thirsty-all-the-time pregnant self. Boost your hydration with some coconut water or electrolyte-infused drink.

Snacks - Pregnancy hunger = hangry3. True story. Don't get caught hungry without quick calories. Keep snack size bags of nuts, crackers, dried fruit, and candy (quick sugar) on hand at all times. 

Back support - Low back pain in pregnancy can change your mood and energy levels drastically. Standing and walking can bring on even more low back pain. In addition to wearing good shoes (see above), wear a maternity support belt to help lift your belly and relieve your low back muscles. Also, it's a good idea to take frequent breaks to sit and prop up your feet if possible. You can further help your back by dropping off bags at your car as you go along instead of schlepping them over your shoulder all day -- your back will thank you later.

Layers - Going in and out of stores, your car, restaurants, etc. can mean that temperatures will fluctuate frequently. Combined with the fact that your pregnant body runs warmer than normal and that poor circulation is also common, you may find that your body temperature is all over the place. Layers help -- wear a tank top or camisole (yes, even in winter) as your base and then add on with items that can easily be removed. Wearing cotton or dryfit fabrics can also help regulate your temperature and wick away moisture.

Timing - If possible, coordinate the time of your outing with the time of day you feel most energized. Some people feel best in the morning while others get their boost in the evening. Know you optimal time and go with it! 

Misery deserves company - If you're going to brave the stores during the holidays while pregnant, the least you can do is invite a friend along for moral (and likely physical) support. It's an extra set of hands and laughs when you need it most. 


What tried and true tips do you follow to make holiday shopping more bearable? 


photo credit: Werner Kunz Relax in Time via photopin (license)

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