One Mom's Solution for Diaper Rash !! What Worked for You?

I see questions and concerns pop up all the time regarding diaper rash -- how to prevent it, how to treat it, and how to get rid of it for good. I'll share what worked for me and my son because we've never had any problems with diaper rash since his birth and he's now 4.

I did research on diaper rash during my pregnancy because most people I knew with children have always had diaper rash problems. What I came across seemed simple: always use baby powder at diaper changes, especially at night.

Baby powder, not cornstarch based powders, contain an ingredient called "talc" in them. Talc can be harmful to newborns if they inhale too much of it. What I found that worked best when my son was an infant to 4 months of age, is I would sprinkle the baby powder on the diaper before I put it on my son and gently diaper him as to avoid a spray of powder in the air.

After 4 months of age, I simply put the diaper on and before fastening it, I would sprinkle powder all over the genitalia area then fasten the diaper.

Because I used baby powder from day one, my son never had any diaper rash. I've never even purchased diaper rash cream -- that's how well using baby powder worked for me!

Use common sense when it comes to the summer months and at bedtime. Summer is hot and children are in diapers 24 hours a day, so naturally, more powder will help keep them stay dry down longer. And at nighttime, they tend to stay in a diapers longer so more powder is beneficial for their little bottoms then, too.

Concerning the difference with baby powder and cornstarch, I chose to go with baby powder, but many moms I know preferred cornstarch and use that instead because it doesn't contain talc. Both products function well in keeping the area dry.

What worked for you to keep diaper rash at bay? Leave a comment and let us know!

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