Weekly Reads: Breastfeeding Support

Ah, breastfeeding. Such a beautiful and wonderful thing. And while it is the most healthy and natural thing to do, it's not always simple... especially in those first few days and weeks (it does become simple, I promise!). I was fortunate enough with my first to have a near flawless breastfeeding experience. But when my second came around, he was a different kind of nursling. If he would have been my first, I would have experienced a lot more frustration and worry. The bottom line? It is absolutely essential for new moms to have support during the early days of breastfeeding. Support can come in the simplest form -- a trusted friend or sister who has or is breastfeeding -- or from a trained lactation consultant who has answered nearly every kind of breastfeeding question.

Another key ingredient to breastfeeding success is education. Read up on the basics of breastfeeding, take a class and talk to other moms for a primer on the most important things to know.

It's all about the latch! Check out the video in this post for some excellent images of a correct latch. @ Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy
Going back to work doesn't have to mean giving up breastfeeding. Learn how! @ Lamaze
Find support quickly at the La Leche League mother-to-mother support forums. @ La Leche League
One of my favorite breastfeeding resource sites... find articles that address  nearly every question. @ kellymom

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