Beyond Pregnancy & Birth: Tips for Postpartum and Parenting

While pregnancy and birth are such an important portion of the journey into parenthood (hey, it's what Giving Birth with Confidence is all about!), once your baby comes into the world, there is much to know and learn about baby care and parenting. So much of it, you will learn as you go. As most parents will tell you, parenting is an ever-evolving process. Along the way, however, it's great to have tools and resources in your back pocket to help you deal with new and unexpected challenges.

InJoy Birth and Parenting Education is one place where you can find trustworthy parenting resources. In addition to free guides and handouts, InJoy offers a series of webinars and podcasts delivered by experts in parenting topics. In May, look for the webinar, "Why Won't My Child Eat?" Previous webinars and podcasts available for free download address topics like caring for a preterm baby, involving fathers in parenthood, using yoga in labor, birth, and parenting, and baby-led breastfeeding.

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