Postpartum Diary: Meagan & Adelyn @ 6 Months

Adelyn hit her six-month growth spurt last week and I have to say, it was great. Her growth spurts have been her best feeding times. In those moments, I'm reminded of what good nursers my first two children were. Adelyn ate like a champ and I swear it seemed like we could hear her growing in her sleep.

Speaking of sleep, the growth spurt seemed to disrupt her nights. A week later, we are still trying to get things back in order. She has been a champion sleeper from birth, but since the spurt, she has had problems staying asleep at bedtime. She has gotten into the habit of waking about 45 minutes after going to bed. Then sometimes she'll wake 45 minutes after that. Some nights, it's as if she thinks that first sleep cycle was just an evening nap and she'll struggle to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. We're trying to figure out her schedule and make adjustments to help her get through this hiccup&let's hope it's just a short-term hiccup.

Along with the growth spurt, she has started rolling around a lot more and is getting close to sitting up by herself. The girl is a wiggler (just as she was in utero), so she's still getting the hang of balancing and not throwing herself backwards or belly flopping forwards. I know that once she figures out crawling and walking, the girl is going to just take off. Baby proofing will be even more stressful with two other kids in the house, especially since our oldest has just gotten into Legos. Not to mention we might have to put away the dog toys before she mistakes one for a teething toy.

She is already a baby on the go. With our first two, we sort of hibernated for the first year of their lives, but we haven't been able to do that with Adelyn. From soccer games to hiking and a weekend away in Chicago, Adelyn has been a real trooper snoozing in her stroller at the Museum of Science and Industry or catching a short nap in the Ergo as we hiked through the woods. Thankfully she is portable and pretty easy going.

I have to say that I've gotten more me-time earlier on with this baby than I did with my first two and I've been intentional about making that happen. As a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom, I don't get out of the house (or my workout clothes) on a regular basis. Whether it's a solo trip to the grocery store or a late night movie with the ladies, I have tried to take time away to refresh and relax for a bit. Yes, even the grocery store can be relaxing. That's something my pre-mom self never would've understood!  

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