Postpartum Diary: Meagan & Adelyn @ 7 months

babyThis weekend, I was with two of my best friends who both had babies around the same time Adelyn was born. One baby is two months older than her and the other is about four months younger. Seeing them once again reminded me of how quickly things change with babies. The older one was so mobile as he crawled around the room. Adelyn is still rolling to where she wants to go. On the other hand, the younger one was so small, still learning to control his head and not quite social. Adelyn has become a bundle of personality. She loves to smile, giggle and jibber jabber. She's already quite a storyteller. It made me realize just how much Adelyn has changed in her 7 months of life.


A few months ago we were struggling with breastfeeding. One month ago we were dealing with some sleep issues. Now, I'm happy to report that both are going quite well. Since her 6-month growth spurt, she has continued to feed like a champ. For the first time, she acts like she actually wants and likes to eat. It's such a wonderful change. I'm glad we worked through all those fussy feedings earlier on. It was exhausting and frustrating at times, but now things are going well.


We have also worked through her sleep issue where she was waking up 45 minutes after going to bed. With my oldest two starting school, I became adamant about getting Adelyn on a more specific sleep schedule. We also worked on letting her self soothe more. Since doing that, she has been sleeping like a champ. She is sleeping for 12-13 hours at night and then napping twice for a total of 3 to 4 hours. We've never had a baby sleep so well at this age. As much as I don't always like being tied to a schedule, the pay off is definitely worth it. Plus, this is only a temporary stage. Soon enough she will be older and not needing naps at all. If there's one thing I've learned from my first two kids it's that they never stop growing and changing&even if you ask them not to.

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