“Focus on Fathers” Series

Beginning Monday, Giving Birth with Confidence will begin a series of posts called "Focus on Fathers" in which our newest blogger, Patrick Houser, will share insight, tips and personal stories on the often unsung and misunderstood player during this time of pregnancy, birth and parenting: Dads. Through his posts, Patrick hopes to offer families a guide map that will allow for better support and ultimately, a healthy and loving relationship and family.

About our newest blogger:

Patrick Houser is a grandfather and father of two sons. It was the birth of his first son which revealed to him the need to understand birth more fully. Patrick's second son's arrival, in 1980, was the first documented waterbirth in the USA. This has informed his life's work and led him to nearly 25 years of passionate advocacy for birth choices. He has a degree in marketing, has owned a natural health centre and for 10 years ran his construction firm in Austin, Texas. He is the director of The Source Foundation International a UK reg. charity,  promoting health and choice from  preconception to birth and throughout life. Patrick is also a speaker, writes articles and is the author of the Fathers-To-Be Handbook, published in the UK and now available in a USA edition as well. Learn more at www.fatherstobe.org.

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