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Push for Your Baby

Preparing for Vaginal Birth: Pushing Past a Previous Cesarean


The idea of VBAC often causes a wave of questions – Is it safe for me to choose VBAC? What are the risks? Will my provider support my choice? Where can I find a provider who will assist me? Click on the button below to register.

Lamaze’s latest webinar will answer some of these pressing questions expecting parents have as they consider VBAC as a viable option for birth. The “Preparing for Vaginal Birth: Pushing Past a Previous Cesarean” webinar will help you to:

  • Learn about the latest research findings regarding safety of VBAC
  • Understand the benefits and risks that come with VBAC
  • Learn about existing VBAC access issues, and why women have such a hard time finding supportive care providers
  • Ensure that you have the support you need if you decide VBAC is right for you

D. Andrews headshot 09.16.jpg

Your presenters are Desirre Andrews, CPM, CCCE, CLD, CLE, LCCE and Debbie Petersburg, LCCE, FACCE. Desirre has expertise in the perinatal field as an educator, doula, advocate, trainer, public speaker, blogger and social media enthusiast. She connects with consumers and birth professionals to be encouraged, confident and equipped to positively impact maternal and fetal health on the individual basis and broad spectrum. Debbie currently serves as the Childbirth Educator Training and Resources Chair within the Education Council of Lamaze International. She has been a Trainer for the Duke AHEC Lamaze Seminar program since 2008 helping to facilitate training throughout the southeast as well as Lamaze Annual Conference pre-seminars. She has also taught childbirth education and labor support classes since 1996 at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina and serves as the education representative on the hospital's Patient Satisfaction Committee.