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About Lamaze

Fundamentals for Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is a normal, natural life event.
  • Women's bodies are designed to nourish and nurture their babies through pregnancy.
  • The months of pregnancy are necessary for babies to develop and grow, for women's bodies to prepare for birth and breastfeeding, and for women to become mothers.
  • Pregnancy provides an opportunity for mothers and fathers to begin forming lifelong bonds with their babies.
  • A good support system, a healthy lifestyle and the ability to cope with the stresses of life promote a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and a healthy baby.
  • The health-care system and care provider can increase or decrease a woman's confidence in the normality of pregnancy and in her ability to have a healthy baby.
  • Lamaze education helps women to gain confidence in their bodies, to trust their innate ability to give birth and to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. 
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